The 1st Online Workshop of Hydro3D EUREKA project

The 1st Online Workshop of EUREKA project

 Reliable and High Productive (>80% yield) Hydrogen Sensor Module based on 3D Nano-Structure Technology for High Concentrated Environment


The 1st Online Workshop of Hydro3D (Reliable and high productive (>80%) hydrogen sensor module based on 3D Nano-structure technology for High concentrated) related to EUREKA Network Projects will be held November 12 (Fri.), 2021. The Hydro3D project aims to develop a hydrogen gas sensor with a micro-heater at a hydrogen-based society fabricated by MEMS technology. It will create various applications that can be found on the market such as the electric vehicle and the transformer.

  • EUREKA individual projects are market-driven international R&D projects. They aim to develop marketable products, services or processes. Participation in international cooperation projects through EUREKA offers businesses, research institutes and higher education institutions a range of advantages.



Date November 12 (Fri.), 2021
Venue Online Workshop
Participants BEIA, ICPECA, NNFC, MNTek, Sogang University



Time Items Remarks
November 12 (Fri.), 2021, 1st Online Workshop
09:00 ~ 09:15

(15:00 ~ 15:15 at Korea)

Opening Remarks Dr. Jae Sub, Oh (Director of NNFC)
Welcoming Remarks Dr. George Suciu Sr. (The President of BEIA)
Prof. Jungyul Park

The professor of Sogang University

Mr. Seng Hwan, Jung

The Vice President of MNTek

Dr. Gimi RIMBU

The Senior Researcher of ICPE

09:15 ~ 09:45

(15:15 ~ 15:45 at Korea)

Technical Result of Project Dr. George Suciu Sr at Romania
Dr. Jae Sub, Oh Director of NNFC
09:45 ~ 09:55 Discussion / Conclusion Related Attendees
09:55 ~ 10:00 Wrap up Related Attendees
  • The schedule is subject to change.