BEIA Consult participated in Dresearch's annual training

BEIA Consult participated in Dresearch’s annual training on 16-17 May 2019 at at Aesys headquarters in Bergamo, Italy. During the two days, the participants had the theme of installing a video surveillance system consisting of 5 CCTV cameras and a passenger counting system on a newly acquired bus, designed for the transport of passengers on the Bergamo lines. … Read more

70 transport buses from Pitesti equipped with Dresearch CCTV systems – BEIA Consult

Publitrans 2000 – 70 transport buses from Pitesti equipped with  Dresearch CCTV systems The system is made up of 2 rooms, one in front of the bus, to the traffic, and the second one is positionated to the passengers. The DVR can record and playback the videos from any event. These records are evidences for … Read more