April 28-30, 2021 | Budapest, Hungary

SWAM at the virtual green industry expo and conference

The main goal of the SWAM platform, which provides intelligent water management monitoring, is the efficient provision of water-related information, as well as the support and acceleration of professional digitization processes. The effort fit perfectly with the program of the third day of the ÖKOINDUSTRIA trade fair and conference. At the same time, it allowed our professionals to meet with industry players.

For more than a decade, the event organised by the Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises (HAEE) has been synonymous with the meeting place for eco-industry companies and managers, experts and entrepreneurs committed to sustainable technologies. Not even the pandemic could deter the organizers from their mission to create something extraordinary, unique and even greener. This is how the virtual ÖKOINDUSTRIA has come to life, and now it is offering more intensive and colourful programmes and more active participation than ever. It is also greener, since it is possible to participate from the comfort of your home or office without travelling or increasing the carbon footprint.

The ÖKOINDUSTRIA is both one of the leading green trade fair of Central Eastern Europe and a series of conferences on such hot topics as green labour, single-use plastic and littering. The programmes took place at multiple locations in parallel, so a number of events were offered from which all visitors could choose according the their interests and industry.

Digitalisation in water management resources

The growing demand for clean drinking water and the associated increase in water shortages are more and more encouraging municipalities, authorities, environmental agencies and water utilities to be the best and most careful owners of their water.

Reducing unbilled water loss, in time detection of pipeline leaks and cracks, real-time monitoring of distribution network pressure and condition, intelligent monitoring of surface water – These key topics are of interest for water professionals, and inspire them to introduce smart solutions, new technologies, which haven’t been used in the water industry so far.

Online B2B event

In addition to professional programs, our colleagues had the opportunity to meet participants in the water industry. As service providers they strive to treat water as a value and a limited resource available. During the negotiations with the partners, we confirmed the fact that the effective information that is constantly being produced can become a serious tool in the hands of professionals, both in Hungary and in the surrounding countries. We closed the discussion with several partners in the hope of future cooperation.




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