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SHIFT-HUB is revolutionizing healthcare innovation across Europe. Our platform engages patients and citizens, fosters collaboration, and promotes cutting-edge Smart Health solutions. With open innovation, secure technical infrastructure, and educational support, we empower stakeholders to shape a healthier tomorrow. Join us in driving innovation, inclusivity, and improved healthcare outcomes.


Revolutionizing Smart Health Innovation
in Europe

At SHIFT-HUB, our mission is clear: to establish a dynamic pan-European Smart Health Innovation Hub. We’re driven by the vision of creating a thriving ecosystem that brings together a diverse network of multidisciplinary stakeholders, spanning the dimensions of the quadruple helix. Our ultimate goal? To champion the development, promotion, and widespread adoption of cutting-edge Smart Health technologies and services across Europe.

What's on the Horizon for SHIFT-HUB?

Our journey has just begun. SHIFT-HUB will identify and curate a pool of 100 high-potential Smart Health apps. These apps will undergo rigorous assessment by at least 300 patients and citizens during five Living Lab events and will engage 1,500 users online. Furthermore, we aim to establish connections with at least 50 healthcare organizations, facilitating the seamless integration and uptake of these innovative solutions.


Our commitment to innovation is at the heart of
SHIFT-HUB, and it shines through in three
distinctive pillars:

Immersive Co-Creation with Patients and Citizens – SHIFT-HUB immerses patients and citizens in the co-creation process using Living Lab methodology and gamified e-learning. This enhances awareness, literacy, and Smart Health solution adoption, revolutionizing healthcare innovation through direct collaboration.

Open Innovation for Widespread Impact – We champion open innovation for a diverse, demand-driven ecosystem, welcoming SMEs and stakeholders. This approach ensures Smart Health solutions aren’t just developed but also broadly embraced, uniting diverse perspectives and driving accessibility to cutting-edge healthcare technologies.

Empowering Innovation through Technology – SHIFT-HUB is more than an idea; it’s an action-oriented technical platform pilot. Featuring a Health Data Hub, Smart Health Apps Repository, and an online Marketplace, it supports secure, interoperable data access, empowering experimental development and showcasing solutions by our vibrant community members.

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