Retrospective Of 2014, News And Innovative Projects

Beia Consult International – Siemens Approved Partner & Regional Distributor Dialogic announces the news from December, together with his partners Adcon Telemetry, OTT Hydromet, Siemens Enterprise Communications – Unify, Gigaset, Snom VoIP Media5 Mediatrix, Lancom Systems, Dialogic, Invision WFM, Voxtron Communications Dassault Systemes Center and and wishes you the traditional Happy New Year! for 2015.

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BEIA Consult announces the participation in the following innovative projects: MobiWay, EV-BAT and CarbaDetect. The MobiWay project proposes the development of a collaborative platform designed to support ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) applications by acting as a middleware connection hub, offering an optimal support to different ITS partners and municipalities through and a data sharing and ITS support service integration platform. The project sets out a new vision for using mobile computing capacities for provisioning and support of ubiquitous connectivity and real-time applications and services for smart cities’ needs.

EV-BAT project assesses the redox flow batteries potential as a power source for hybrid electric vehicles. The EV-BAT system is designed as a hybrid concept between Vanadium Redox Flow Battery and Hydrogen Fuel Cell, for energy management in an electric vehicle, with zero emission. In this project, Beia Consult participates in partnership with the National Institute for R&D in Electrical Engineering ICPE-CA, National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR), University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest and Euroservice Net Pma SRL.

The objective of the CarbaDetect project is the development of an experimental demonstrative model for imunobiosensor, based on carbon nanomaterials / magnetic and antibodies for detection of carbamate pesticides (carbaryl and / or carbendazim or related molecules) in horticultural products. Partners in the consortium with BEIA are National Institute for R&D in Electrical Engineering ICPE-CA, “Cantacuzino” National Institute of Research and Development for Microbiology and Immunology and Research and Development Institute for industrialization and marketing of Horticultural Products „HORTING”.