BEIA Consult participated PRIA Fire Safety in Buildings Conference 2021

BEIA Consult participated on 6th April 2021 in PRIA Fire Safety in Buildings Conference.

The topics were:

What does the current legislation on fire safety in Romania look like?
Will the 118/3 fire safety standard be changed this year?
How important is the choice of cables? What about building materials?
What could be the role of insurers?
Building materials, systems, cables, alarms – the latest trends
Energy efficiency of buildings – status Romania 2020 and subsequent years
Green buildings – what projects of this kind do we have in Romania and what will be their share in the coming years?
How will architects, developers, builders, consultants, designers, insurers and suppliers of building materials, cables and other materials work together to meet the challenges of fire safety and energy efficiency?
What do companies have to do to get the approvals of ISU, mayors, etc
What can be done to increase fire safety in office buildings? Industrial parks? The sides of shops, schools, hospitals, public institutions, museums? The role of ISSU and DSU

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