Presentation of S4ALLCITIES project in ELSE 2022

Great presentation today in ELSE 2022 Conference! Our colleague Dan presented on 12th of May the “An overview of the eLearning Security based on the Smart City project” paper based on S4ALLCITIES project. 

Today, technology is present in every field, helping with tools that facilitate and improve the work of almost any employee. As a result, the cities decided to develop their infrastructure for their citizens’ lives; this action is reflected in the percentage of the population living in urban areas: more than 60% of the global population, according to Statista’s Degree of Urbanization. As a result, the demand for cities to be prepared to deal with new organizational and security challenges is growing every day. The term “smart city” was coined to describe the use of technological solutions to improve local citizens’ quality of life and encourage long-term growth. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the security that smart cities provide and can apply, especially in the learning sector, as well as the progress that smart cities will bring to the future of eLearning. Smart city implementation is widely hailed as a viable solution to a variety of urban issues, including data security, network efficiency, transportation, waste management, crime prevention and environmental protection. Smart cities are on the front lines of ensuring a secure and safe physical and digital ecosystem that promotes coherent and sustainable urban growth for people’ well-being, especially the new generation of their citizens. The advanced technology and the organizational solutions integrated by S4AllCities project represent the components for the Cyber-Physical Security Management framework, going to the aim of it: raising the resilience of cities infrastructures, services, ICT systems, IoT and fostering intelligence and information sharing among city’s security stakeholders. The project’s goal can be introduced in the learning domain, as a security element of school’s areas and online activities, but also as an example of a security project implemented at a big scale as a city.

Agenda of the event here.