Participation in Mental Health at Work Event

Our company participated in Mental Health at Work Event on 10th February 2022.

The pandemic has made us more aware and more concerned about our mental health. This reminded us, once again, how essential it is in the lives of each of us.

Mental health is the key to professional relationships, performance and productivity at work!

Our project mad@work focuses on the detection and mitigation of poor mental health conditions, such as work stress and burnout, which have not yet resulted in a diagnosed mental health disorder. The Mad@Work project aims at a major breakthrough in the development of software-intensive applications that combine multiple heterogeneous environmental and/or wearable data sources into actionable information for improving employees’ wellbeing, engagement and performance. Mad@Work will develop truly unobtrusive, privacy-safe, appealing solutions, smoothly integrated into the work environment and appropriate for long-term use in diverse real-life settings.

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