Participation in ECYBRIDGE KoM

BEIA CONSULT INTERNATIONAL participated on June 20 at the Constanta Maritime University at the kick off meeting within the “Strengthening Synergies in Defence and Civilian Cybersecurity” Project (ECYBRIDGE-DIGITAL-ECCC-2023-DEPLOY-CYBER-04).

The ECYBRIDGE project is a pioneering initiative financed by the European Commission that, for the first time in E.U. history, aims to reinforce the coordination and synergy between the civilian and defence sectors in cybersecurity.

ECYBRIDGE is a collaborative effort, uniting 17 public and private organisations from four E.U. member states.
Project Number: 101158784; Project Name: Strengthening Synergies in Defence and Civilian Cybersecurity; Project Acronym: ECYBRIDGE; Call: DIGITAL-ECCC-2023-DEPLOY-CYBER-04; Topic: DIGITAL-ECCC-2023-DEPLOY-CYBER-04-CIVIL-DEFENCE; Type of Action: DIGITAL JU Coordination and Support Actions; Project Duration: 24 months