Participation in BEHEALTH 2023

Exciting News! We’re happy to announce that BEIA Consult International is proudly participating as a sponsor in the upcoming BEHEALTH 2023 event, the 6th Edition of the International Healthcare Event!

Mark your calendars for October 24-26, 2023, as we dive into a world of medical innovation and research. Building upon the success of previous editions, this year’s BEHEALTH promises to be an unforgettable experience, packed with insightful discussions and networking opportunities.

With a focus on groundbreaking topics in medical research, the event will provide a dynamic platform for matchmaking, enabling participants to forge new partnerships and seize exciting opportunities in the healthcare sector. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, academic, healthcare professional, or policymaker, there’s something here for everyone!

The BEHEALTH agenda is jam-packed with engaging activities, including a brokerage event, start-up contest, abstracts contest, and thought-provoking panels. We’re dedicated to covering a diverse range of topics, from e-health and medical equipment to translational medicine and social responsibility for health. With international networking at the forefront, you’ll be able to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world.

Last year’s event saw over 400 participants, including industry leaders, academics, policymakers, and representatives from various sectors. This year, we’re anticipating an even bigger turnout, bringing together experts, innovators, and enthusiasts to collectively shape the future of healthcare.

This event is a great opportunity for our company to disseminate the MOBILISE, ONCOSCREEN, ONCODIR, SHIFT-HUB projects.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we count down to BEHEALTH 2023! Together, let’s embrace innovation, drive positive change, and create a healthier world. See you there!

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