BEIA sponsoring the 2018 GO "Hikaru Cup"

Beia Consult International is sponsoring the 2018 GO “Hikaru Cup”.

GO is a strategic and intelligent sport of mind, the only game comparable to chess. The origins of the game are in China, more than 4000 years ago, but it came to Europe brought by the Japanese about 150 years ago. Today, the game has gained tremendous popularity in Asia, Europe and America. GO has very simple rules, but it is also the most complex game in the world in terms of tactics and strategy. In Romania, the game has spread since 1983, the initiator being the Academician Gheorghe Păun – mathematician, computer scientist and cultured person, member of the Union of Romanian Writers. After the Revolution, the Romanian GO has brought to our country numerous European titles for seniors, children and juniors, being one of the few sports branches that have lately brought European medals every year. It is also worth mentioning that the highest ranking achieved by a European is owned by Sensei Cătălin Ţăranu, the first European who has reached a professional level in Japan. By playing GO, you use both brain hemispheres: the right hemisphere – the recognition of forms, creativity, intuition, judgment; left hemisphere – strategy, computation, memorization, logical thinking. GO is the only martial art of thinking, played by over 60 million legitimate players in over 70 countries.

The “Hikaru Cup” GO contest is at its 6th edition (the first 3 have been called the VolGo Cup, being organized in collaboration with the Voluntari City Sports Club) and will be hosted in 2018 by the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science in Bucharest. From the very beginning, the contest has proposed to popularize this game of mind among children, being organized around the first winter holiday, an opportunity to offer them gifts by Saint Nicholas. Based on the previous competitions organized by ACS Hikaru, it is estimated that more than 60 children will participate in Bucharest and other country centers. The competition will be organized on 4 categories of game strength. The contest will be awarded with participation diplomas, medals for the first three places in each group and the “Hikaru Cup” – a trophy in the form of a sports cup offered to the winner of the group A. Also, the Club Sports Club Hikaru Bucharest will also offer some special prizes children, coaches and other personalities involved in the Romanian GO, for the achievements of the year that will end.