BEIA participates in FET Academy Week

BEIA participates in FET Academy Week on 27-30 October 2020.

IdeAcademy aims to align with the spirit of FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) within Horizon 2020, by helping researchers to:

  • Build R&D projects around Top FET Trends as areas with greater potential for long-term R&D focused in creating strong positive social or environmental impact.
  • Create “creativity play-grounds” to think together about project ideas. This offers good opportunities specially to young and mid-career researchers looking for areas to focus their activities and efforts in the coming years.
  • Increase their chances to reach long-term scope and get financial support.
  • Leverage deep-tech collaboration and community building around new technological paradigms.
  • Achieve interdisciplinarity, more and more important for the development of deep and disruptive technologies, increasing in complexity from scientific and technological perspectives and in terms of their potential impact in society, politics and environment.
  • Reflect about the potential impacts technologies can bring to Earth and Humanity, considering UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as well as “Ethics by design”.
  • Influence decision-making in relation to the role of FET in coming Horizon Europe.

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