Beia will be present at Future Energy Leaders Romania event

On 26th of July, between 19.30 and 21.00, Future Energy Leaders Romania is organising a special event for energy leaders in Romania. The meeting is open to young people, students or professionals who work in the academic environment, private or public. Among the speakers will be leaders from the energy sector:

FEL Board Members: 
➭ Nuno Silva, Chairman FEL 100
➭ Andrei Covatariu, Studies Committee FEL 100
➭ Gelem Llubeles, Nomination Committee FEL 100

FEL 100 members:
➭ Claudiu Butacu, FEL 100 Member
➭ Francisco Galtieri, WEC Academy

World Energy Council Romania
➭ Gheorghe Ștefan, Executive Director

➭ Mihai Toader-Pasti, Chairman FEL Romania

Some of the themes that will be discussed are:
➭ Future of Work in Energy Sector
➭ FEL 100 – a global network
➭ FEL Romania vision, strategy and action plan
➭ Youth leadership in the energy sector