Beia attended eLSE 2018

Beia Consult attended the 14th edition of the eLearning and Software for Education Conference – eLSE 2018 – which took place in Bucharest, April 19th – 20th, 2018. The  article „Virtualized Video Conferencing for eLearning” was authored by George Suciu, Alexandru Vulpe, Adrian Pasat, Muneeb Anwar and Cristina Mihaela Bălăceanu and was presented during the „Technological Innovations in eLearning” session.

Video conferencing has been commercially available since the video technology has become accessible on a variety of equipment, from room-based to handheld devices. The technology has also reached the point where it is viewed as a necessity and not just a nicety. The ubiquity and accessibility of video conferencing technology can save time and money across the spectrum of business processes, especially when comes to call centers. We propose a solution that can develop the communication with callers and provide a large impact on customer retention. One of the major issues regarding customer satisfaction when interacting with call centers or other types of customer support services is related to the resolution efficiency (solving the customer inquiry during the first contact), this is highly dependent with the communication solutions between the call centers department. But one thing is keeping videoconferencing from becoming a more standard form of communication: the technical difficulties that all videoconferences occasionally experience. The frustrations of video conferencing, though usually brief and irregular, may at first seem to outweigh the benefits. Connectivity problems can keep this from happening and are thus one of the most frustrating technical problems experienced by video conferences. The aim of this paper is to experiment a multimedia customer interaction platform and test the performance of a virtualized web conferencing solution focusing on the occurrence of technical difficulties associated with smooth transmissions that could result from software, hardware or network failure.

„The purpose of the annual international scientific conference on “eLearning and software for education” is to enable the academia, research and corporate entities to boost the potential of the  technology enhanced learning environments, by providing a forum for exchange of ideas, research outcomes, business case and technical achievements.”