BEIA participated at ELINCLUS Cluster meeting

Beia participated on June 6 2019, at ELINCLUS Cluster (Electronic INovation CLUSter) meeting , focusing on  digital innovation / digital transformation of Bucharest–Ilfov and South-Muntenia regions.

Consortium representatives sustained an interactive session with the participants of Smart eHub.

The event facilitates the exchange of ideas on challenges in these regions and how could these be effectively approached, in order to find the best methods to start an innovative and digital ecosystem that would help the stakeholders to become more competitive on the European markets.  The new collaborative platform initiated by Smart Alliance Innovation Technology Cluster, USH Pro Business and ELINCLUS Cluster has proposed to develop Smart eHUB, the first Digital Innovation Hub in Romania.

Smart eHub is a Digital Innovation Hub which brings the expertise, technology, processes and structures required to help SMEs in southern region to gain and enhance Digital Skills.

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