BEIA Consult participated in Security Espresso

BEIA Consult participated in Security Espresso on 22 May 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. The SAFECARE project was disseminated during the networking session and brokerage.

The agenda of the event:

  • Lavinia Mihaela Dinca, PhD – Biometric spoofing in the context of biometric key derivation
    This study investigates the feasibility of implementing a biometric key derivation system without storing the private key. The proposed key derivation system derives a key from user biometrics (single or multiple) and uses that key as seed for RSA. The private key is never stored because it’s derived every time.
    The key is as secure as the biometric data, thus the system is susceptible to spoofing. This is the first detailed study of a biometric key derivation system under spoofing conditions.
  • Miriam Cihodariu – Surveillance vs Privacy in law debates
    As the tech required for surveillance advances, it’s no wonder that state authorities push for a greater level of surveillance. On the other hand, public representatives pull for preserving privacy, and more tech is created to protect it. We’ll explore together the intersections of these tensions in current debates.

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