Beia Consult presents news from partners in November

BEIA Consult International – Siemens Approved Partner & Dialogic Regional Distributor announces the news from November, together with his partners OTT Hydromet/ Adcon, Siemens Enterprise Communications – Unify/ Atos, Aspect Software, Panasonic, 3DS Dassault Systemes/ Exalead, Ericsson, LANCOM, and Media5 Corporation.


Beia Consult announces that ESTABLISH ITEA3 Project is close to achieve its final goals: Convert environmental sensor data into actionable information for users to provide a healthier and safer environment and advance new products, services and solutions utilizing environmental sensors (air quality, temperature). Also, the company participated in events like ISFEE 2018, ESTABLISH Workshop and the Annual Scientific Conference.

At the International Symposium on Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, BEIA presented an article on “IoT and energy efficiency in smart agriculture and telemetry using Adcon devices”.

The ESTABLISH Workshop organized by BEIA and Siveco was made to present the ESTABLISH platform to the main stakeholders, gathered feedback and set new tasks to work on.

At the 2018 Annual Scientific Conference, the company presented the “Monitorizarea și adaptarea sistemelor de irigații la condițiile climatice actuale” scientific paper.



Lufft GmbH, (part of OTT Hydromet company), reminds the importance of mobile weather sensors on roads: Around 20% of all accidents with serious injuries and deaths on the roads are weather-related. Lufft mobile sensor MARWIS delivers info on road conditions, surface temperatures, dew point temperatures, ice percentages, weather-related friction and more – essentially the same values as stationary road probes – up to 100 times per second. The associated Android or iOS app assigns GPS positions to the MARWIS data points. The measured values are then transmitted via GPRS to a database and fed into graphical user interfaces in the control center.


Unify, the Atos brand for communication and collaboration solutions, launched workUtopia, a new campaign exploring how technology is impacting workplaces and employees across the UK. The campaign is designed to challenge current discussions and encourage a better understanding around how people’s day-to-day working lives have been changed by new technologies, such as AI, the gig economy and Industry 4.0, particularly in the retail and manufacturing sectors.


Aspect Software a leading provider of fully-integrated consumer engagement, workforce optimization, and self-service solutions, announced the integration of Aspect Workforce Management (WFM) with Amazon Connect. The integration gives Amazon Connect users all the advantages of Aspect’s market leading workforce management solution including accurate labor forecasting, flexible staff scheduling, intra-day performance tracking and a wide range of insightful staffing reports. Aspect Workforce Management, recently named the North America leader in Pelorus Associates’ 2018 Workforce Management Systems Market report, can operate seamlessly with Amazon Connect as an on-premises solution, privately hosted, or on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Panasonic Corporation announced that it will accelerate initiatives to achieve a sustainable society by utilizing hydrogen energy through the application of its technologies developed for residential fuel cells. The company first plans to commercialize hydrogen fuel cell generators by around April 2021.


Dassault Systemes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, world leader in 3D design software and solutions, announced that GLM Co. Ltd., an emerging Japanese developer of environmentally friendly automobiles and related services, has deployed the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to expand its electric vehicle development business. GLM will rely on the “Electro Mobility Accelerator” industry solution experience based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


Ericsson has been selected by Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) to provide the industrialized Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud (CVC) platform to further enable its digital vehicle services in more than 120 markets worldwide for the next five years.


LANCOM Systems, network and security manufacturer announced that a current survey among business decision makers regarding the digital policy of Germany’s grand coalition shows strong agreement for state regulations when it comes to IT security and digital sovereignty. In the representative study, conducted by opinion research company YouGov on behalf of German infrastructure manufacturer LANCOM Systems, the vast majority of those surveyed is in favor of measures such as legal update obligations (92 percent), baseline security standards for Internet-enabled products (89 percent) and more resolute action to be taken against manufacturers of non-secure products (86 percent). Targeted promotion of digital sovereignty also found wide approval: 85 percent are of the opinion that the German government must do more in this area.


Media5 Corporation, a leading provider of IP-based communications solutions, and Cortina Access, a leading provider of fibre access & carrier-grade gateway IC solutions, announced the successful integration of the M5T SCE SDK for E-DVA (Embedded Digital Voice Application) into the CortinaTM CA82xx family of SoCs. Through this collaboration, the SIP based M5T SCE SDK for E-DVA is integrated into the CortinaTM CA82xx systems enabling faster time-to-market and reduced development costs of PON (Passive Optical Network) equipment.


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