BEIA Consult participates in FOREN 2020

BEIA Consult participates in FOREN 2020 on 7-10 September 2020 with the “A PEER-TO-PEER ENERGY TRADING MODEL FOR SMEs” paper.

The WEC Central & Eastern Europe Energy Forum,organized every two years, is the most importantregional event and exhibition hosted by the RomanianNational Committee of the World Energy Council(WEC/RNC).Since 2011, FOREN is recognized as the WEC’s ocialregional meeting for Central and Eastern Europe.As a major event in WEC in 2020, it is aimed to supportthe WEC’s mission to inform the energy debate andto create dialogue on energy policies for a sustainableenergy future.Thanks to the participation of a large number of decisionmakers and of the best energy specialists in the region,FOREN is a powerful platform for dialogue, communicationand networking among the countries of the CEE region,meant to address and analyse the major issues and energytrends, while providing relevant recommendations togovernmental, corporate and academic decision makers,for a sustainable future in the world. FOREN also representsan ideal platform for the regional cooperation, aimed atimproving energy security.

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