BEIA Consult participated in ATOM-N 2020

BEIA Consult participated in the The 10th edition of the International Conference “Advanced Topics in Optoelectronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies” on 20th-23th august 2020.

Our company presented the paper “Cyber-Physical Healthcare Security System based on a Raspberry Pi”. Authors: George Suciu , Mari-Anais Sachian.

Abstract: The data in healthcare systems are increasingly being shared through every single medical equipment, which isincorporated in IoT systems. Thus, the number of shared data increases, and medical IoT systems start to impose newchallenges of securing them. This paper aims to present the implementation of a prototype based on a Raspberry Pi,which will measure air quality parameters in hospital rooms. The prototype will be secured through a TLS/SSL MQTTconnection, and henceforth the shared data will be secureand protected against third-party attacks. The main applicationfor this prototype will be based on an H2020 project, SAFECARE, that has the purpose of making a cyber-physicalplatform intended for healthcare systems. All the data from the prototype willbe sent in real-time to the platform, andany anomaly reported will be dealt with immediately by first responder organizations (in case of a fire or a flood, etc.)
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