BEIA Consult participated at "Digital marketing & PR" Workshop

BEIA Consult participated on 22 March 2019 in „Digital Marketing & PR” workshop. The event was held at “Libraria Humanitas de la Cismigiu” in Bucharest, Romania.

At the event, they talked about how digital has become a part of our lives. Also,  they talked about a strategy for a company in the digital era. The company should know: how to set the objectives, who are, what they want, who are their customers(the niche).

In this era, for a company is important to have a presence in Social Media. The strategy starts from customers and customers don’t want to hear about advertisement anymore. They want a good story. They want something close to reality and is a cheaper option, for a company, to invest in Digital Marketing.

At the workshop, they talked about SEO, Google Search, Google Display Network, advertising on mobile, Google Trends and video content too. ”Video” is in trending. A video should be simple, clean and with high quality. It should be filmed with a camera and it should be professional (with intro, outro, etc.). A video should look like reality and should be original, so a company should know what the objective is.

The workshop was very interesting and we wanted to introduce them, as well, to our project SoMeDi, because it is about Social Media and Digital interaction intelligence. SoMeDi transforms the social media information into useful and actionable knowledge for companies.


More info about SoMeDi here.