BEIA Consult announces the participation at RoEduNet

The 15th edition of Agency ARNIEC/RoEduNet’s (Romanian Education Network) annual Conference organized in Bucharest by Agency ARNIEC/RoEduNet and University Politehnica Bucharest under the patronage of Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research of Romania, offered special opportunities for information exchange in computer networking: technical and strategic aspects, communication issues, and of course their applications in education and research.

Topics of papers submitted:

Network Security:

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Vulnerabilities and Attack Taxonomies
  • Policies in Educational Networks
  • Security Engineering
  • Authentication, AccessControl and Audit

Technologies for Future Internet:

  • Networking Infrastructures Technologies
  • QoS
  • Traffic Engineering
  • VoIP and Video Conference
  • Multimedia Streaming
  • Network Protocols
  • Broadband Access Technologies
  • Green Computing

Cloud Computing and Network Virtualisation:

  • Cloud
  • Virtualisation
  • Software-defined Networking
  • Programmable Networking

Sensor Networking:

  • Sensor Networks Architectures and Applications
  • Sensor Networks Monitoring and Management
  • Wireless Information Networks
  • Signal Processing
  • Ad Hoc Networks

Wireless and Mobile Networks:

  • Mobile Internet Applications
  • Cellular Networks, Femtocell Networks
  • Security and Privacy for Pervasive Systems
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • The Future of Learning
  • Quality of ODL

Social Networking and Services:

  • Impact of the Internet in Social Society
  • Computer AidedEducation
  • Cloud as Services
  • e-commerce, e-banking, e-economy
  • e-services for community

Social Aspects of Networking Environment Today:

  • Impact of the Internet in Social Society
  • Computer AidedEducation

During the proceedings –  „Convergence of Software Defined Radio: WiFi, iBeacon, and ePaper” was presented, a paper authored by Dr. Ing. G. Suciu.