Beia Consult attended COMM2018

Beia attended the 12th International Conference on Communications, which takes place June 14th-16th 2018, at Politehnica University in Bucharest. This year our company presented 5 papers, as follows:

  • “Forest Monitoring System through Sound Recognition”, authored by Elena OLTEANU, Victor SUCIU, Svetlana SEGĂRCEANU, Ioana PETRE, Andrei SCHEIANU
  • “Voice-based User Interaction System for Call Centers, using a Small Vocabulary for Romanian”, authored by Marian CEAPARU, Ștefan Adrian TOMA, Svetlana SEGĂRCEANU, Inge GAVĂT
  • “Heart Rate Measurement Using Face Detection in Video”, authored by Carmen NĂDRAG, Vlad POENARU, George SUCIU
  • “Analysis of Agriculture Sensors based on IoT”, authored by Victor SUCIU, Cristina Mihaela BĂLĂCEANU, Muneeb ANWAR, Adrian PASAT, Hussain IJAZ, Marius DOBREA, Cristian BECEANU
  • “Real-Time Autonomous System of Navigation using a Stereoscopic Camera”, authored by Georgiana MIHALCEA, George SUCIU, Cristian VASILESCU

It was a great experience for our company, and also a significant opportunity to share knowledge related to telemetry, security, face and object detection, signal processing, eHealth and many other subjects. We are waiting for the next edition of the event! 🙂