Beia attended Air&Water 10th edition

First impressions after Air & Water 10th Edition

Between March 15-17th 2018, a delegation from Beia Consult International participated in “The International Conference Air and Water – Components of the Environment,” 10th Edition organized in Sovata, Mures County.
Beia Consult International sponsored the event, along with Somes Water Company Cluj and Hidroelectrica.
During the event, Beia presented the article “Design of a decision support system for improving air quality assessment.“ Through this paper have been presented the current technological possibilities of advancing an innovative smart health platform that can enrich people’s lives by providing valuable information concerning major environmental issues such as air pollution.
The article argues for the real need of solutions that can inform people in case of critical conditions, and in a long time gain insight over required measures to mitigate the air pollutants.