Beia Consult managing the radioactivity monitoring network

For Romania there are two large potential sources of radioactivity:

  • Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant – located inside the country;
  • Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant – located the proximity of the border of Romania with Bulgaria.

Neither of the two areas, which are relatively close to the State Capital, Bucharest, are satisfactory monitored for early warning in case of accidental release of radioactivity from the two mentioned sites. Two adequate local radioactivity monitoring networks will be provided in order to cover the mentioned areas.

  • hardware;
  • software;
  • design, installation and commissioning of an EARLY WARNING SYSTEM, including radiological measurement and data communication between Automatic Remote Station (spread out in areas around the Cernavoda NPP and around the city of Bechet , Romania) and the network co-ordination centre, located in Bucharest, and also to local authorities in the concerned areas.

Beia Consult will manage the monitoring network. The supplier undertakes to provide satellite data transmission services from 47 automatic air flow rate monitoring stations from the National Radiation / Alarm Alarm System, coordinated by the Laboratory of Radioactivity Laboratory within ANPM (Agenția Națională pentru Protecția Mediului).