Participation in EUCAD2023: 4th edition of the European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving

BEIA participated in EUCAD2023: 4th edition of the European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving on 5th May 2023. About the event The EUCAD2023 Conference will take stock of latest research, policy and regulatory developments in the field of CCAM to discuss if technology and society are ready for the large-scale deployment of smart, sustainable … Read more

BEIA presentation in ADMA TranS4MErs xChange Online-Event

Our company had the opportunity to present our activity in ADMA project and some relevant projects in ADMA TranS4MErs xChange Online-Event on 27th of April 2023. Did you heard about ADMA? The ADMA TranS4MErs will accelerate factories to become Factories of the Future embracing the ecological, digital, and societal challenges. This will be done via … Read more

Presentation of RITHMS paper in ELSE 2023

BEIA participates on 27-28 April 2023 in ELSE 2023 in order to present the RITHMS project. The purpose of the annual international scientific conference on “eLearning and software for education” is to enable the academia, research and corporate entities to boost the potential of the technology enhanced learning environments, by providing a forum for exchange … Read more

Performance on the CSTI 2023 scientific conference

Presentation of our Museion project partner on the international professional conference On the CSTI (Conservation Science, Technology and Industry) 2023 scientific conference in Bratislava Castle organized by the Slovak National Museum and the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava between 21.03.2023. and 23.03.2023 the Museion project was the first presentation in the event agenda. Elena Badea, the … Read more


The purpose of the activity is to maintain and elevate to the next level of the result from 1st Phase of the proposal in 2022 and at the same time, further utilisation of partners’ Teaching and Learning Factory units. ConFacts2 seeks the solution to the challenge of different operating systems’ data layout and lack of … Read more


A group ofoptimum geographically spread partners from 4 top RO universities, one RD institute, and 5 SMEs joininto “Competence center on Lower Danube Basin-coastal Black Sea ecosystems protection andrestoration” to develop a complex SRA according to EU Mission 3 targets. The SRA philosophy isimplemented in the complementary activities of the 5 proposed specific projects, tackling … Read more

Cybersec2SME presented at Cybersec Europe 2023

BEIA participated in Cybersec Europe 2023 on 19 & 20 April 2023 in Brussels. Cyber attacks are an ever growing threat in today’s tech environment. Cybersec Europe 2023 is the platform for experienced cyber security experts as well as next-gen start-ups to share knowledge with peers for jointly coping with the cybersecurity challenges. Businesses and … Read more

Participation in Wind Works 2023

BEIA participated online in Wind Works 2023 on 19-20 April 2023. The event “WindWorks. Moving Energy” is the third edition of the wind energy conference that brings together experienced international energy experts, stakeholders and policy makers to shape the future of wind energy in the Baltic states.  Find out more.


Artificial Intelligence optical character recognition for customs Clearance AI4Clearance takes away the hassle of manually structuring content, making data acquisition more efficient, reliable, and accurate. •through AI4Clearance, custom agents can easily sift through their database and retrieve specific information when needed. •AI4Clearance processing eliminates the hassle of manual data entry, enhancing user experience. •Due to … Read more