Beia Consult will participate at Smart Cities of Romania

The “Smart Cities of Romania” Expo Conference brings together all the actors involved in the development of a Smart City infrastructure:  representatives of the Presidential Administration, Government, Central and Local Public Administration, also organizations with the role in the regulation of concept-related fields, as well as representatives of the universities and embassies, each year having a significant audience of more than 500 participants. The event will take place between 10-11 of October in Bucharest, at JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel.


The third edition of the “Smart Cities of Romania” conference follows the objectives of the National Partnership for Territorial Development and also proposes to evaluate the most relevant Urban Projects and Solutions.
The session will tune the need for interoperability between smart city actors, unifying existing island platforms at the moment. The need for a “National Partnership” for the intelligent urban development of Romania is obvious, we only have to establish WHO and how will act for the development of this extended framework of collaboration.

Knowledge transfer and dissemination of successful projects are critical for creating a critical mass of professionals who believe in the ability of “smart city” concepts to revolutionize local government in Romania. Just from the examples of others, we can learn which are the most prominent “smart city” experiences.

The session will bring and debate in front of the audience the case studies of some municipalities in Romania, for which “smart city” is a reality.