Fintech Platform Solution for Sustainable Energy System Intracting and Contracting boosting energy saving and renewable energy (ERA-Net SES MICALL)

Keywords: Fintech Platform, Energy Saving Contracting, Renewable energy contracting, intracting, digitalization

Project summary
The mission of the project is allowing a wave of decarbonisation projects easing the set-up of Energy Performance and Energy Savings Performance Contracting EPCo/ESPCo by end-to-end digitalisation of the energy contracting (and the intracting process for public bodies and larger companies). Using pre-existing data from buildings passes and energy audits, a gamified investment process, providing diversification options in an investor dashboard, smart contracts, a digital encrypted meter- based repayment process and machine learning-based fault detection during operation will be offered by platform modules. A guidance tool allows potential portal developers to steer their projects into the right direction. The competencies and diversity of the partners from 5 EU countries + India include skills for setting up energy related services, also using machine learning and crypto-technology, smart metering, legal tech for energy contracting, and social research for a green energy transition.

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