Cloud Consulting

Project financed by UEFISCDI  – Innovation Program – European Cooperation Eureka – Eurostars Subprogram

Full Title: Cloud-based Automation of ERP and CRM software for Small Businesses
Project Number / Contract: E*6021 – 305E / 07.07.2011PDP
S/T Area: ICT1.2 / Information Processing, Information System
Purpose: Innovation
Project objectives: The goal of Cloud Consulting is to create new technologies which automate the configuration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for the benefit of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). ERP systems are a key instrument to manage, report and control an SMB’s business. SMBs that have adopted ERP possess added value and a distinct advantage within their competitive markets. However SMBs face challenge in paying for the consulting required to configure an ERP system. ICT cluster – contains all organizations and enterprises related to hardware, software and services concerning telecommunications and computing sector.Cloud Consulting will use knowledge engineering, machine learning and data mining technologies to automatically generate a basic configuration of an ERP package based on an interactive questionnaire filled out by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a small business.  Using an ERP system that is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS),  this basic configuration could then be refined by human IT consultants on demand over the Internet.BEIA will provide a Cloud Consulting implementation case. BEIA has already implemented an ERP based on open source ERP5 which is the same ERP technology as that implemented in the TioLive service.  BEIA will share its configuration experience with the SMB community in Romania and carry out a proof-of-concept on the prototype system.
Project value: Total value: 950.980 RON
Grant value: 475.490 RON
Own sources: 475.490 RON
Project main stages and results:  Phase 1. Analysis of ERP-CRM Implementation in SMEs using cloud technology – completed 30.11.2011
Results (report submitted to UEFISCDI):
1.1. Study on using Cloud technology to implement online ERP-CRM applications
1.2. ERP-CRM setup project for SMEs
1.3. Contact and query local SMEs to develop interactive questionnaires
1.4. Develop a set of interavtive questions and answers for the online configuration of ERP5 in SMEsPhase 2. The development of the questionnaire system for ERP5 configuration – completed 30.04.2012
Results (report submitted to UEFISCDI):
2.1. Develop a project model for the questionnaire system / platform
2.2. Integration of the questionnaires in an interactive Web portalPhase 3. Creating, testing and improving the automatic configuration of ERP5 – completed 31.08.2012
Results (report submitted to UEFISCDI):
3.1. Experimentation of the online ERP5 model with the interactive questionnaires
3.2. Development of automatic configuration model for ERP5 instance through questionnaires
3.3. Testing the ERP5 configuration sets for romanian SMEsPhase 4. Implementation of interactive questionnaires and automatic configuration of ERP5 in SMEs – completed 31.01.2013
Results (report submitted to UEFISCDI):
4.1. Develop a model for questionnaires optimization
4.2. Comparative case study of manual and automatic configuration of the ERP-CRM Cloud technology
4.3. Promoting ERP5, Cloud technology and project results on the romanian market
4.4. Dissemination of results for Activity IV.2
Events: WP1 meetings (Romania, France)
WP2 meetings (Germany, France)
WP3 meetings (Germany, France)
WP4 meetings (Belgium, Germany, Denmark)Figures
Project Manager: FranceRomanian Project Responsible: Romulus Cheveresan / BEIA Consult International (
Consortium: The Cloud Consulting project will be conducted by a team of five European organizations and brings together 3 countries: France, Germany and RomaniaRomanian Partner: BEIA Consult International
Duration: 2011 – 2013
Project Financing: Program 5 Innovation
Contact: Romulus Cheveresan, Str. Poiana Narciselor Nr. 12, tel. +40-21-3323006, fax. +40-21-3323005